This is YOUR opportunity to get in front of your target audience –
people who understand the power of investing in their health!

Your Holistic Earth Wellness Warrior for individuals and families looking to explore wellness

Get health seeker’s attention – WELLNESS WARRIORS –  with YOUR AMAZING CONTENT. Show them you are the expert in your field educating them on  your modality, and how it can change their lives!

This is an exclusive opportunity
for Your Holistic Earth
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We are creating an new membership platform for individuals and families that will have a DAILY DOSE DASHBOARD that contains new and exciting health information and resources 5 days a week! This means lots of opportunities for your business to be showcased!

Wellness Warrior members will have access to resources on the “Members Only” website.

One of the most important aspects of this educational content is that it is a SALES FREE Zone.


All content provided must be downloadable and able to live on the Your Holistic Earth website, links will not be accepted. Here is what we are looking for:

  • Educational videos (15 MINUTES MAX)
  • Audio files (15 MINUTES MAX)
  • Educational, informative documents, blogs or articles in PDF format (500-1500 words)
  • Personalized motivational quotes
  • Free e-courses 


We are SO EXCITED to offer you this amazing platform for reaching your target audience!
And if you have questions we’d love to answer them!

See the Wellness Warrior FAQ
Some things to keep in mind when you are creating content:


  • Is the problem you are solving
  • Are you teaching the audience


  • Would someone use this, method, modality, resource


  • Will it help – Remember that your submissions goal is to educate and support change in someone’s wellness journey
  • Tactical steps, materials, time frame, etc.


  • Would someone want to try or implement this into their lives
  • Share key benefits
Your Holistic Earth Wellness Warrior for individuals and families looking to explore wellness


Submitting is easy!
Use the form below to upload your content!

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IMPORTANT: Please ensure you are using the naming convention laid out in the form: full name, modality, WW (example: Jenny-Ryce-Mindset-WW)

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Also, Audio and Video files no more than 15 minutes in length.

Submit content to the wellness warrior

You are welcome and encouraged to add your logo and branding to all submissions. Due to liability reasons Your Holistic Earth branding and disclaimer will be added.

Submit content to the wellness warrior

Each submission will be reviewed for quality assurance and there is no guarantee that it will be added to the Wellness Warrior site. However, we will do our best to work with you to create a resource that meets all of
the requirements.

We look forward to seeing your creative, educational and inspirational resources and are excited to share them with our new Wellness Warrior members!

Thank you for helping us create a health seeker membership that will impact the lives of others!

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