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Our July 2022 Monthly Mission – Be Curious


Joyous July Celebrating Your Soul Welcome July, the month that is dedicated to freedom, individuality, and celebrations. We invite you to celebrate your soul this month. What does that mean? Discover new ways to inspire and nurture your soul. When you radiate and demonstrate the best of who you are you are in celebration of your soul. If this idea is beyond your normal comfort zone, please bear with me and allow yourself to step into the possibility. Considering what it would mean to you to incorporate a wellness practise that honours your soul. This may be integrating a new yoga practise or [...]

Our July 2022 Monthly Mission – Be Curious2022-06-30T04:27:18-06:00

Monthly Feature Article July 2022 – How to Celebrate Your Soul


How to Celebrate Your Soul When was the last time you celebrated your soul? I’m using the word soul, which means your essence, the entirety of you, your authentic self. I try to celebrate my soul daily. That doesn’t mean I throw a party for myself every day. I find ways to celebrate and honour my soul by finding moments of joy every day. I celebrate my soul by being me, the real me. Embracing who I am and not hiding who I am when I am around other people. Celebrating your soul starts with tuning [...]

Monthly Feature Article July 2022 – How to Celebrate Your Soul2022-06-30T03:56:36-06:00

Unlocking your Potential: Beginning your Dream Journey


Author: Pearl Gregor  |  Dreams Along The Way: Perhaps dreams are an arena that can enable supracognitive powers to perform calculations and perceptions of reality that may be incomprehensible in our wake state.—Meredith SaviniDreams are an unopened letter from Self to yourself. It is time to open the letter. When people first come to see me about working with dreams, they often have a dream that is foremost in their mind for months and sometimes even years. And that's where we begin. Following the example of Swiss psychiatrist C. G. Jung, learning to work with the symbols in dreams is a lifelong [...]

Unlocking your Potential: Beginning your Dream Journey2022-06-22T16:40:14-06:00

Monthly Feature Article June 2022 – Jump Into June


Have you ever felt so tired of being tired? Have you ever felt so exhausted that the thought of getting up, moving your body, working out, even doing simple house chores is too much? Maybe it even sounds too exhausting to think about so instead you park yourself in that sweet spot on your couch, you know the one I’m talking about, it basically has your bottom imprinted into it. You think to yourself, “I’m too tired today, I’ll start tomorrow, I’ll go to the gym tomorrow, I’ll go for a walk tomorrow”, and then tomorrow comes and once [...]

Monthly Feature Article June 2022 – Jump Into June2022-06-06T17:07:00-06:00

Our June 2022 Monthly Mission – Jump Into June


Jumping into June!We are headed into the summer months, and there is always an energy that comes from beginnings.We hope that as you start into June that you think about an area in your life that you can offer some attention and renewal to. Our article this month, written by the wonderful Jessica Derksen at True to You Lifestyle,  talks about our personal energy levels! We hope it brings you new awareness about yours. We all wish you a wonderful beginning to Summer! - Your Holistic Earth Team 

Our June 2022 Monthly Mission – Jump Into June2022-06-06T15:35:19-06:00

Monthly Feature Article May 2022 – Nature and Nurture


Nature and Nurture  “The glory of gardening; hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul.” ~ Alfred Austin April showers bring May flowers. This is always such a powerful reminder of the beauty and wisdom of Mother Nature. Plant a seed, water it, allow the sun to shine on it and watch it grow. Gardening has always been important to our family. My grandmother and mother both planted huge vegetable gardens. Back then, the bounty of our gardens was far more about [...]

Monthly Feature Article May 2022 – Nature and Nurture2022-05-02T11:25:42-06:00

Our May 2022 Monthly Mission – Nature and Nurture


Nurture your mind body and soul with the power of plants There are multiple ways we can turn to nature to nurture our bodies. It can be as simple as stepping outside our front door or maybe taking it one step further and harnessing the power of plants! If you are like me and have found yourself looking for alternate solutions to manage stress, fatigue, immunity support and so much more. Essential oils might be the solution you have been looking for. Essential oils aren't a new trend. Do you feel like you've started to hear a lot about essential [...]

Our May 2022 Monthly Mission – Nature and Nurture2022-05-02T11:05:25-06:00


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