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Body Benefit Blankets are one of a kind weighted blankets carrying special healing power from natural Far Infra-Red (FIR) rays. The Blankets are filled with mineral based bio-ceramic beads to provide natural FIR . They are made with special fabric which also contains FIR emitting minerals in the yarn. The FIR energy from minerals is well known for its remarkable health benefits to human body and indeed to any living organisms. It increases the blood circulation and cell metabolism, cleans the toxins and boosts the mood. Combination of weight and FIR provides a good night’s sleep and improvement in user’s overall health in the long term. The Natural minerals in the blanket also blocks the electromagnetic radiation so the users get some break from every day’s exposure during the sleep.


Contact info

Website: Click to visit us online
Phone Number: 1-866-299-6533
Location: Ontario


YHE Member Discounts

We offer 20% discount for the single purchases of our Blankets and Pads.
For the order of 3 or more blankets YHE members can get 30% discount.

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