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The Front Line Resiliency Project has been created with the goal of providing all active and retired front line personnel, as well as their families, with the tools and guidance needed to reduce stress and build resiliency. It will change people’s mindset and provide balance and a foundation to improve overall mental health.

With a focus on improving physical, emotional and mental health, The Front Line Resiliency Project will reduce suicidal thoughts and mental health disorders experienced by these individuals. To do so, it will provide front line personnel with the resources, tools and support needed to set goals in their daily life so they can better achieve a work-life balance.

We are passionate about making a difference and we know we can. As a family involved in the front line for the past 20 years, we have seen many trying things and been involved in very difficult situations. Through these experiences, we truly understand the importance of having a resilient mind, a positive support system of people around you and a balance that reduces daily stress. We wholeheartedly believe The Front Line Resiliency Project will help thousands of individuals – from law enforcement, to military, to fire services to first responders and everyone in between. As you are aware, all front line personnel take an oath to serve their communities and we all face the reality that we may not come home from our shift on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we tend to suffer in silence because it is impossible to express the mental and emotional burdens we carry from the daily stress we face on the job. This cost comes in many forms – alcoholism, broken marriages, infidelity, workaholism, suicidal ideation, suicide, violence in or out of the home, depression, PTSD, etc. – but it is time to put an end to this. It is time to give back to this community of people, by providing tools they can use to build resiliency within themselves, their homes and their families.


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