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Through workshops, coaching and creating true connection Benoit Wellness Consulting was created with the mission to provide all active and retired front line personnel, as well as their families, with the tools and guidance needed to reduce stress, strengthen relationships, build resiliency and achieve a work-life balance which in turn will build a foundation to improve physical, emotional and mental health.

The Front Line Resiliency Project (F.L.R.P.) was launched after experiencing a positive transformation in their lives by using the principles of Oola. A key moment was when Gary was involved in an officer-involved shooting, which allowed them to truly understand how the stress and demands of the job can affect first responders and their families. This traumatic experience brought them to the most stressful time in their lives and allowed them to fully understand the importance of good mental health and building resilience. They offer solutions to reduce stress and build resiliency, by implementing a few simple changes and choosing to live more consciously.

Oola is a lifestyle when your life is balanced and growing in the 7 key areas of life: fitness, finance, family, field, faith, friends and fun. A three-step process of determining 1) where you are today, 2) where you want to go, and 3) how you are going to get there.


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Phone Number: 1-780-916-7734
Location: Alberta > Edmonton


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