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Support Your Body to Heal Itself through, Light, Sound and Coaching.

Stress eats away at us. People are struggling with chronic pain, inflammation, fatigue, irratic sleep, bad posture and poor circulation.

Stress and chronic health issues affect your relationships, your ability to work effectively, care for those you love and reduces your ability to participate in activities you enjoy.

My name is Joanne Neweduk, the founder of Brilliant Light Wellness.

I know what it’s like to struggle with health issues, to feel overwhelmed with stress, and have life-altering circumstances rock me to my core.

Through the support of others and discovering new ways to heal, I stepped into a new light where I feel healthy, happy and able to serve and support others.

I started in the healthcare industry over 30 years ago – First as an oncology nurse, then expanding as a wellness coach, author and facilitator. I am trained as a light therapist, Sound Wellness practitioner and Belief Re-patterning specialist.

I have seen first-hand that we are remarkable beings, able to achieve far more than we give ourselves credit.

Science proves that given the right tools and support, your body can heal itself.

I have witnessed miracles within healthcare systems, but also acutely understand the gaps and limitations.

This has played out many times in my own personal life and with my family and friends.

When you work with me, I start by shedding the light on what health and happiness means to you.

Then together, we determine the best course of action for you to take charge of your health and enjoy life on your terms.

Let’s get started on your journey to achieve the lifestyle you desire and deserve.

Book a discovery call today at to discover how light, sound and coaching can help transform you health and happiness.

At Brilliant Light Wellness we use polychromatic light therapy (aka Low Level Light Therapy or LED light therapy) which is FDA approved to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and increase circulation in a non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive manner. Safe, effective and affordable.

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