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About Us

Our mission at the Natural Vision School is to provide life-transformative education in Self-Healing, Intuition & Soul Development. We empower clients to trust the unknown, develop their life-purpose and live their best and healthiest lives. ​

Through on-line courses, workshops, and retreats we encourage a community of soul-full learners and connection through a world-wide lens.

Eyesight is a special focus, because the eyes are intricately connected to the nervous system. The optic nerve is the second cranial nerve and our current eye-care system neglects this important relationship. We believe that your eyes are windows to your soul and also portals to systemic health.

As part of this mandate, Summer helps clients receive effective treatments and eyeglass prescriptions that are in alignment with a holistic health care model. ​

The main text book for our courses and programs is …. Soul-Side Out; Universal Laws to Healing and Living Your Best Life ….Through this book, private sessions and programs, you are invited to relearn the language of your soul in order to develop and trust your intuition and access the spiritual, emotional and energetic patterns behind your life circumstances and symptoms.


Contact info

Website: Click to visit us online
Phone Number: 780-451-8441
Location: Alberta > Edmonton


YHE Member Discounts

Prescription Review, Reduction and Referral Program is
Reg. $95, YHE$75.

Soul Play & Paint Workshops: Reg $70.00, YHE$65.

INsid-OWT Healing Session/Vision Assessment 1 hr, 45 mins. Reg. $200, YHE $150.00

INside-OWT Healing Session Reg. $175.00, YHE $125.00

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