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Meet Candice Smiley, entrepreneur, network marketer, speaker, word wizard and professional connector.

Candice is a master closer and loves to teach women how to love the art of asking for the sale in a way that feels good. She has a passion for helping women to not be afraid of the numbers and to understand how to build rapport quickly to create lasting and synergistic relationships that are always win-win. She brings her desire to help women entrepreneurs with all of the things she is involved in (she has been dreaming of putting something like this out into the world for a while!) believing we achieve our best when we stay in our strength zone, share what we love and work in cooperation.

In her spare time, Candice offers simple and clean health and wellness products through Zija International. She believes in a Whole Health approach. Soon to Canada – a unique transdermal 24 hours sustained dose CBD square. Touch base for products today!


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Website: Click to visit us online
Phone Number: 7805547436
Location: Alberta > Edmonton


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