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We believe Optimal Health is achieved by educating individuals, providing essential information to attain mental, physical and social well-being. Through Mindset, Functional Movement and Nutritional guidance, we design programs to Reduce Stress, Increase Energy and Self Awareness in order to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life while building a strong Mind – Body connection.

We Provide Training to Change Mindset and Overcome Obstacles Through :
Individual and Group – Online/Virtual Functional Fitness Program, Virtual Workshop & Speaking Services, Health and Wellness Coaching, Nutritional Guidance, Health and Fitness Consulting.

Certified Personal Trainer / Holistic Health Coach – Specializing in Function Movement and Mind-Body Connection.

Chad Fournier
Founder / Owner


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Website: Click to visit us online
Phone Number: (587) 229 - 9152
Location: Calgary > Calgary & Area > Canada


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