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I grew up in a world where I was valued for my doingness rather than my beingness.

It is a world where overachievers, anxiety, and perfectionism are born.

Can you relate?

Being a first generation Chinese-Canadian, my parents pushed me to be the best because they wanted the best for me. No matter what grade I got, they told me I could do better. I had to practice piano an hour a day to be a fine “pianist”, even though I hated it. And, I can’t even talk about etiquette school!

They had no idea this made me feel like I was never enough and started me on a path of trying to be.

Have you felt like no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t measure up?

My overachieving self worked hard to be perfect and because human perfection does not exist, I struggled with self-esteem, self-love, an eating disorder, and body image issues- even as a Registered Psychologist. I thought that having a perfect body, something that seemed achievable in my twisted perception, would solve everything. Instead, it was the beginning of a very dark period for me.

I needed to love and value me, and embrace all the imperfections and failings.

That is when I discovered Hakomi.

This powerful, transformative method led me into a self-discovery journey that helped me realize that my value was in who I am and the unique gifts I bring to this world, not in what I do.


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