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Are you a change-maker, an agent OF change, or a game-changer?

Or MAYBE…you’re standing at the edge of change inside your business, your job, the work, your career and you’re feeling everything between resistance to revolution…like nothing can change or that EVERYTHING has to change.

You KNOW there has to be more but…taking the next step isn’t clear, you’re feeling overwhelmed by the endless list of ‘what ifs’ and yet…

the pull is there, you know your ready for more — capable of more and you quietly suspect that at a soul level, you were made for more.

It might be a crisis that’s created the change – inside your corner of the world or beyond it.

Or it might be that feeling of waking up to realize there is something pulling you forward to make some changes, change some aspect of the game of business you’ve been playing and maybe…just MAYBE you want to become a more effective agent of change.

Crisis brings us to the edge of change but change does not have to bring us to the edge of crisis.

Create Coherent Change starting in a 20-minute Calibration Call with Tricia Murray


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Phone Number: 403-461-6954
Location: Alberta > Calgary


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