Becoming Coherent: Your Next Evolution

About Us

We are designed to evolve.

Each one of us is designed to create, have and do more and, we are designed to become more.

Tricia experienced a macro-evolution of her own career and business in 2007, that ultimately impacted every dimension of her life; she knows well the terrain, the pitfalls of evolution and, the most expedient way to make the journey.

She has invested a lifetime exploring the big picture from providing strategic counsel to brands like Harley Davidson and Mark’s to extensive study of psychology, spirituality, universal law and quantum mechanics.

If you are feeling a pull evolve – to create, have and do more – it’s ok to evolve.

It’s ok to want to evolve into something – and someone – more.

It’s ok to believe you can create, have and do more.

It’s ok to search for deeper meaning inside the work you do (the job, career or the business)

And, it’s ok to change the way you play the game to align with your inner compass and plumbline.

It’s doesn’t have to be a revolution – where you leave everything and everyone – behind.

It’s about coming to see that your next evolution benefits everyone.

Becoming more of the people of tomorrow who contribute to reshaping business for tomorrow.

Connect with Tricia to explore her structure of support that makes your next evolution – strategic and coherent.


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Phone Number: 403-461-6954
Location: Alberta > Calgary


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