Wandler Chiropractic Clinic

About Us

We want you to MOVE! WE help you feel and move better so you can get back to the things you LOVE!

What makes us different is that we treat the WHOLE patient and improve QUALITY of life. We focus on everything from nutrition, exercise, work ergonomics, and try and make a full lifestyle change for our patients. We get patients functioning better and their pains disappear at the same time! When we focus on improving function we treat the actually problem, rather then just the pain.

We genuinely care about each of our patients like they were our own family and will do whatever it takes to get them moving and functioning better so they can get back to the things they love in life!

Services Covered By:
Alberta Blue cross, Medavie and veterans affairs are direct billing partners of our clinic.

Alberta Blue cross for seniors 65+ get $250 a year just for chiropractic and are eligible for separate funding for massage.

Any patient in a motor vehicle accident are eligible for up to 23 free visits if assessed within the first 11 days after accident.

All other insurance companies are able for billing and reimbursement as long as the patient sends the claim in. Currently most companies can send invoices in with an app and takes 2 days to receive reimbursement


Contact info

Website: Click to visit us online
Phone Number: 1-780-460-8030
Location: Alberta > St.Albert


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None at this time.

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