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I enjoy Masterminds meetings at Your Holistic Earth because they are to the point. Since the meetings are a tight one hour, it really forces individuals to step up and come up with ideas.
This has been a truly valuable aspect of my YHE membership, which I already felt was cost-effective.
I would recommend anyone to join YHE and to come join the mastermind meetings especially if they are independent business owners.
Satre Jean-Gilles, Fitness On The Go
Melissa Deally
I’m a new of YHE and have had the pleasure of attending the past 2 Mastermind groups. I love having this resource available to me as a member.
For me over the past two months, I was able to get feedback on my new website while it was still being built, make changes and get further feedback the following month. It was really helpful to get feedback from a group a people!
I appreciate this Mastermind being offered to members and will continue to attend, learn be inspired, and be able to grow my business as a result.
Melissa Deally, Your Guided Health Journey
Michelle Elise Abraham
Joining Your Holistic Earth as a business member has been a game changer for my business.
The opportunities for promotion and showcasing your business are really valuable and the community of experts has been great to collaborate with and get to know.
It’s great to have a community of so many like minded business owners who are all in the collaborative mindset over competitive.
I would and have recommended this community to so many of my colleagues as its been invaluable to my business and I have benefited from the relationships and referrals that have emerged.
Michelle Elise Abraham, Amplifyou
Anne Crook
I gained tremendous value at the YHE Business Mastermind.
Launching my online wellness business has been amazing, yet I have so much to learn about the nuts and bolts of running a prosperous business.
I was able to learn about all of these important frameworks and was provided tangible steps on how to get started to grow my online community. Even better, the Masterminds encourage group engagement, so I received insights and knowledge from other members too.
Thank you so much for these high-value meetings!
Anne Crook, Integrative Radiance