B.leigh.ve Healing

As a soul care coach I am divinely guided through the Akashic Records to assist you on your way to healing. Since we are comprised of three bodies, the physical, mental and spirit, different approaches are used based on what you need most. Through an Akashic records...

Royale Treatment Reflexology Inc.

I am a certified, registered Reflexology therapist through the Reflexology Association of Canada. I am certified in foot or hand reflexology. I am also trained in Champissage.

Balanced Bio Energy

After struggling with chronic fatigue and depression, Marcie’s health journey led her to Bio-Energy Healing. As a certified practitioner, Marcie can help with a wide variety of illnesses and ailments by working with the body’s energy system. Marcie is also...


I am an intuitive energy and soul mentor. I am passionate about empowering people from all walks of life on their journey to self discovery and healing. After years of receiving beneficial energy treatments I became a Usui trained Reiki practitioner. This opened me to...

Revive and rekindle massage

We have three great therapist happy to help you, we offer, hot stone, cupping and soon to add kinetic taping. We are open days, evenings and weekends. And yes we direct bill to all insurance companies that provide it.