Candy Gage

Health & Wellness Advocate

About Me

I am a mother of 3 and grandmother of 1 beautiful granddaughter. I home schooled my children all through their school years and absolutely enjoyed being part of their education and learning experiences. From the day I had my first baby it become very important to me on what I choose to put in their little body and thus my interest and passion began for a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. Now 50+ years old and a whole lot still in my bucket list …. health remains top priority.

Over the years I have experienced hormones out of balance, achy joints, poor sleep, low energy, anxiety, menopause and weight gain to name a few. Each challenge would lead me to research further because I was unwilling to go unnecessarily down the pharmaceutical path …. seeking to understand and find healthy alternatives.
Today I enjoy getting out camping, long hikes up the Rocky Mountains, kayaking, biking in in general the great outdoors.

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Digestion, Essential Nutrition, Ginger, High Impact Organic Supplements, Inflammation, Keto, M20 Muscidine Grape, Toxins, Turmeric