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I’m Karla Loeppky and I founded Your Body Your Weigh in 2010. I have had a passion for fitness since I was a young girl, first with dance and then with figure skating, which I continued in at a competitive level until I was 19 years old. However it didn’t stay that way. After high school the weight crept up and 3 years later I found myself at 198pounds, full body rashes, and yeast infections. I went back to the gym, wandering around as most of us do in the beginning, and then found a learn to run program. That coupled with a naturopath after many visits to health care professionals and specialists, I was able to reduce my weight by 60pounds and rid my body of the bacteria it was holding on to.
And that was just the first time! I gained the weight back a second time and this time it only took 2months to gain it but 1 year to release it.

Now I teach others online how to have a healthy sustainable life by claiming their strength, living with confidence and loving their bodies again!

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