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Hi there, Welcome to YHE Community! My name is Linsay and I am the Founder of Reclaim Your Space. As a young girl I always loved organizing and felt drawn to making my surroundings pleasing and a true reflection of who I was. Having the knowledge and awareness I have now of how our environment affects our inner being, I realize that I was connected to the energy of my surroundings.

Reclaim Your Space was officially created in 2016 as a part time business. I am now a full time Business owner and loving life helping others find harmony in their environment!

As a Professional Organizer and Feng Shui Consultant my goal is to create an environment you love. My mission is to produce a space that brings peace, nourishment and tranquility while maintaining function and flow. By making these enhancements we will be able to increase energy and balance resulting in improvements in all aspects of your life. Allow me to create harmony in your environment for our outer environment is a reflection of our inner environment!

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