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Through their 37 years of life together, they have developed an awareness of what it means to live consciously, to focus on living as a spiritual being in a human existence. Their dedication to remembering and taking ownership of their own wellbeing has created in them a desire to remind others to Awaken and Remember Who You Are and it has taken them on an eclectic journey that they love to share.
They have home-birthed and homeschooled three amazing daughters; built a straw bale home in 1998 and taught that straw bale construction together for 7 years, including conferences, Colleges, Universities and Special Events for cities all over Western Canada. In their ‘other-world’ jobs, Rob is equipment operator extra-ordinaire and in management at one of the local mines and Lorie has spent about 40 years in marketing including Radio and Trade Shows.
After a 5 year book study of Conversations with God, their spiritual commitment deepened, and they used this material, along with Course in Miracles and a thousand other guides to create their own brand of Reiki – Saito Komyo Reiki.
In 2008, when they realized they wanted their lifestyle to match their beliefs, they founded The Dojo. Through their remarkably courageous clients and students, they have found their path to sharing their love of living consciously.
As Advocates for Awareness, they teach the blessings of self-centred living and becoming completely and totally responsible for the life we manifest. They are completely certain that allowing ourselves to flow in the stream of wellbeing that is available for us all is the path to health and ultimate happiness.
With over 3000 sessions and 500 students, they now have also trained 9 exceptional teachers, and are currently offering classes through 4 subcontracted teachers across Alberta. Rob and Lorie love to remind you that you are Wonderfully Perfect just as you are….and remembering that is the only journey!!

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