Wellness Warrior Membership with Your Holistic Earth

Get Proactive about your health!

Be A Warrior and Give the Gift of Health
When you become a Wellness Warrior you not only open up a world of health resources for yourself, but also for someone else in need! With your purchase we gift a wellness warrior membership to someone in need. You’re helping someone else start their health journey.

With your membership you unlock your wellness dashboard which contains rotating resources, access to videos articles and courses from our health professionals. You’ll also see upcoming events, both free and discounted.

Be a Wellness Warrior~

All the Amazing Benefits from the Wellness Seeker PLUS:

  • Exciting New Content Regularly – Your Wellness Dashboard serves up educational and inspirational content.
  • Give Yourself Some Love – Take 15 minutes each a day and make yourself a priority.
  • Wellness Resources – Searchable resources that include videos, articles and courses from our health professionals.
  • Exclusive For You – Special offers from our health professionals.
  • Events Just for You – Discounted and free events hosted by Your Holistic Earth
  • A Place to Connect – Community Board for connection and sharing ideas.
  • Help Change the World – When you purchase a Wellness Warrior membership Your Holistic Earth will gift a Wellness Warrior membership on your behalf to someone in need.

*Subject content suitability   Subject to change without notice

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